So why a lighthouse? I love everything nautical for one, and the concept of a lighthouse guiding ships through stormy seas to get safely home is beautiful to me. I also love that there are lighthouses all over the world! It is also is a tribute to my father who passed in 2022. So I relate that to my photography because, I love that photography has given me the opportunity to travel all over, and if I can give my clients beautifully captured memories that will help them weather the stormy seas then it is a huge bonus! Photography is a beautiful art of preserving a moment in time. 
My life has given my a lot of different experiences; severe illness, loss, love, and success. It has given me a new perspectives that have helped me take more chances, treasure all the small moments, travel as much as possible, and look for the next great adventure.

Thank you so much for checking out my website! I am excited  to be part of your adventure and help capture your special moments.
A little about me, I am an Air Force wife with three boys who love adventure almost as much as me. My husband and I have been married for eight years, five of which were without kiddos. Our handsome son was born October of 2020 and three months later we started fostering two super cool boys who we finalized the adoptions for the first week of August 2022. We then finished 2023 strong with the birth of our beautiful daughter on December 17th! We have four very cute kids!
I love to travel the world, experience new cultures, eat Chipotle, go rock climbing and listen to the new Epic the Musical soundtracks!

Hello, I'm AJ!

These adventurous moments mean the world to me! I love it when I can bring my family along and introduce my boys to new things.

Considering I was told I would never be able to have kids I count each one of my kiddos and the time I have with them a miracle. I know what it is to treasure the small things.

These are the reasons I want to help others capture their special adventures and moments.

Moments are gifts to be treasured,  adventures to be had, laughs to be remembered, and photos to be taken!

Let's Plan Your Adventure!