Monterey Beach Wedding

The colors and flowers made everything feel soft and elegant.

The adventure of the day started off with some great “getting ready” shots with Greg, his parents and his groomsmen. They were all really fun and the resort offered some great spots to take the photos!

My partner took great photos of the bride, Bhavanna and her bridesmaids getting ready while I was photographing Greg and his groomsmen, but I did get some very sweet shots of Bhavanna and her mom before it was time for the ceremony to begin.

It is a beautiful site, seeing so many people come together! I love that they even had family come all they way from India to celebrate with them! Once special wedding guest actually had a big job to do….they had their dog be the ring bearer and he did an amazing job!

The exchange of rings and the “Husband and Wife” kiss are definitely special moments at a wedding.

I love it when the bride and groom grab an extra kiss at the end of the aisle, it makes for an awesome picture!

The family and friends that came from all over the world to support Greg and Bhavanna were wonderful! It was an awesome combination of not only two families, but two cultures as well!

They loved joking (and shocking some of their family) about being a family of three. Their dog was a superstar and so well behaved.

With the wedding over, it was time to celebrate!

The combination of yummy food, good drinks, hilarious stories, and wonderful friends makes for a fantastic party with lots of laughter and tears!

With dinner over, it was time for cake and dancing!

A special time I recommend for all of my couples is to take just a little bit of time to take “Husband and Wife” portraits. This is a collection of special pictures of just the newly weds that capture the start of their awesome new adventure!

Congratulations to this wonderful little family!

January 19, 2024

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