Tulum Mexico Adventure Elopement

Mexico is a go to destination for many to enjoy Latin culture, beautiful beaches, Tacos, and the warm (or hot) sun. I have grown up hearing of people going to Cancun, Mexico and having an unforgettable time. This photography adventure was the first I have taken in Mexico and I am beyond grateful that it was in Tulum! Tulum is about 45 minutes (or it felt that way) south of Cancun so it is still in the same area. The big difference is that it is far enough away that it is less touristy and has a more authentic feel to it and still has a lot to offer!

These two love birds had quite the romantic adventure! They are a very cute couple from Idaho that I had the privilege of getting to be part of their adventure! This beautiful couple, who are so in love, and looking for adventure found just that!

As part of an elopement or destination wedding I love getting the chance to join a couple on an adventure for some special activity photos to help remember the special location they chose.

Getting the chance to take photos of them with the beautiful jungle background, a cute moped, and them being super cute was just to good to be true!

Later on our journey we went to Tulum Beach near the Tulum Mayan ruins. There we had so much fun taking photos that captured their love, playfulness, adventure, and joy that they shared.

The combination of this beautiful couple along with this beautiful location makes these photos amazing, and our experience even better!

I’m sure you noticed in some of the photos there is a lot of seaweed that has washed ashore. During the early-late summer this is a normal occurrence, it doesn’t smell the greatest, and it is really squishy to walk on, but I do think it adds another level of character and interest in the photos. Although these photos may appear to be the amazing Golden Hour sunset it is actually the Golden Hour sunrise! With where Tulum is located, the only way we could incorporate the beautiful sun and lighting over the water was to wake up early for it. By doing this we did have the beach to ourselves which was pretty amazing!

It’s all in the details!

Taking the time to rinse off and enjoy intimate time together after such a fun eventful day is the best way to wrap everything up. Their adventure was beautiful, it was full of love, and it was very exciting to get to be a part of it! I know that they will have many more adventures in the future and I personally am very excited to see where their adventures take them. As for me this was an amazing elopement that I truly loved getting to be a part of, getting to capture these beautiful moments for them to remember for years to come is the best part of what I do!


July 5, 2022

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