A Western Wedding

Life can be full of unexpected turns, some good, some very difficult. It is what we do with those difficult times that make the world of difference. The love story of this beautiful couple is both heart breaking, and incredible. Their story is one of sadness, and strength, and the ability to come together with love.

Both the bride and groom had been married before but had both lost their spouses. This moment, due to their past, was made even more special and memorable. The love and support the bride had from her two children and grandson was so heartwarming!

The Father of the Bride was not in attendance as he also passed away. She however wore a beautiful necklace that had a very miniature picture of him. Her mother was there showing her love and support, and was often whispering words of encouragement.

Getting ready for one’s wedding day is a beautiful and intimate experience, getting to share it with your own children brings it to a whole new level of sentimentality.

Once ready it was time to start the precession down the aisle. The groom was escorted by his daughter who acted as his “Best Man”. The “Flower Boy’s” performance was one that brought smiles and laughter to everyone’s faces and the bride herself was escorted by both of her children.

There was a moment that took everyone by surprise and brought tears to many eyes. The groom looked at the brides family and told them that even though they are grown, he would love to see them as his children and them to see him as a father figure. He emphasized that he did not want to replace their late father but wanted them to know that he is there for them and wants to be someone they can lean on.

Getting to whiteness the merging of these two families was amazing, the love, warmth, respect and support they have for each other showed through. Even with the heartache that their individual lives have had they have all come together to be united and stronger.

The groom loved showing off his ring to all of his guys, which just added fun silliness to the day!

The details of this wedding were beautiful and special as well. The bride carried on her shoe the groom’s military pin as something borrow, they did a clay mold of their hands and the nails were painted to match the bride’s to remember another small detail on this special day.

The cake knife they used was made by the groom’s uncle who passed away just a couple of days before the wedding happened. There are so many stories that lead up to this wedding that just shows more and more that they needed something to celebrate. Their love for each other was definitely a good reason to celebrate! Even the DJ got in on the celebration, and everyone had a blast!

Here is a story of LOVE conquering all!

June 28, 2022

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