Jeremy & Juanita

In San Benito County California there is a beautiful location called Paicines Ranch that hosts all sorts of events including weddings. It is at this location that Jeremy and Juanita with their friends and family chose to have their wedding. I had the wonderful pleasure to photograph their wedding with Tiffany Michele Photography, it was amazing! Jeremy and Juanita made this very elegant wedding full of character, and special unique touches that were really enjoyed by all of their guests.

Getting ready was a blast with Juanita and all her favorite ladies!

Jeremy getting ready with his soon to be Father in Law and his own son was very heart warming and endearing!

The whole group of men, their inside jokes, teasing, and goofing off was definitely a blast!

With all the preparation complete it was time for the ceremony to start. At the start of the ceremony the bride and groom even had their own group huddles to make sure they were truly ready for this next big step.

Sacrament with Juanita’s parents was a very sweet moment. To make it even more heartwarming Jeremy and Juanita added a sand ceremony to their wedding to show the beauty of how their two families were coming together.

Time for “I do!”

I love that not only did they celebrate the beauty of their newly combined family but they also honored the family that was unable to be there with them.

Cocktail hour and toasts to the bride and groom was definitely a way to get the party started!

Photographing Wedding party and Husband and Wife portraits are a lot of fun especially with a group like this!

The dancing was so special, and then it also had surprises as well. Two of the daughters performed an entertaining dance in honor of their parents. Talk about teamwork and bringing families together!

I had never seen a waterfall cake before, but this was very unique, elegant style of cake.

Instead of doing a bouquet toss, Juanita decided to do a bouquet cutting instead. This tradition is less popular but works just like a May Pole. Juanita cut the ribbons that the single ladies were holding as they walked around her until there was only one left.

Another unique touch was to have a Caricature artist, he was busy and did some pretty incredible drawings all night long! And of course the dancing was a lot of fun for everyone!

Congratulations to Jeremy and Juanita, they had an incredible wedding that I had the pleasure to be able to capture!

February 2, 2024

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