Engagement Shoot in Idaho

I had the opportunity to capture Hunter and Chloe’s engagement photos in Idaho where they were both going to school. This shoot was a unique one, as they did not have an official location picked out but they chose to take photos along the side of the road in one of their favorite scenic drives.

Having the opportunity to be in the car with them for this drive gave me the chance to also hear more details of their love story. They grew up together going to the same church both having interest in each other at different moments as they got older.

It wasn’t until they both returned from serving full length missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that they decided to officially start dating. They had actually kept in contact during their missions, this gave them the opportunity to talk and communicate more and learn more about each other on a whole new level.

By the time they were both home they had fun stories, inside jokes, and everything just fell into place.

Taking photos of these two at a few different spots was pretty fun! We would drive a ways see a nice spot, take some photos, jump back in the car (it was chilly) and drive until we saw another nice spot. It was a very unplanned shoot, but it was a blast!

Best of luck to these two! Congratulations!

This goes to show you can find beauty in unexpected places!

February 10, 2024

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